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how to kill hitman contract killer
how to kill hitman contract killer

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Work as a hitman

Are you looking for a job as a hitman? Surprisingly we've been getting a lot of these kinds of emails recently.

It seems that many people nowadays are looking for an exciting job opportunity that will make them earn money quickly without having to work too hard. That might be one of the reasons why many individuals are now looking to work as hitmen.

Obviously, individuals looking to work in this kind of work must have the ideal character and profile. As far as work experience is concerned, those who have worked for the police or army seemed to be the most fit for the job.

However, those who have no experience in that kind of job also can often get hired as long as they show that they show eagerness to become profesionals in the contract killing industry.

It is important to say that they have to be cold-blooded, in a way. They also have to be very attentive to details as they need to look at their surroundings carefully before and during the time when they go and shoot someone.

I think it is needless to say that this kind of job is obviously not for everyone. Those who are kind of scared and easily become nervous should not accept this kind of employment offer as they may not do very well at it.

Here is the most interesting part, in recent years we have been seeing cases where women were hired to work as a hit man, or let's say, hit woman.

When an agency or company hires an individual to work for them as a contract killer, they usually provide them with a special training to make sure that they become well knowledgeable about what they have to do when they have an assignment. Through that training, they teach them every detail on how they can do the work effectively without being arrested.

Trainees will obviously get a gun so they can perform their duties when they have a new assignment. Sometimes newly hired have to pay for that gun or at least have to pay a security deposit before getting their gun. Hitmen usually get paid somewhere around between 2,500 to 5,000 dollars for each assignment when they go to kill someone.

This is what they get paid when they kill someone that is not high profile such as Joe the neighbor. When they have to kill someone that is labeled as high profile, they get paid a little bit more, between 10,000 all the way to 100,000 dollars per head.

People working in this field usually don't work for long as most are just individuals looking to make quick money and then move on and look for another employer. They work between around one to five years and then they look for other options.

However some of them make a career out of it and some even end up working as self-employed contract killers.

If you are looking to work as a hitman please write to us as we are currently hiring new staff to work in our company.